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Here are 441 recent testimonials from our satisfied customers:

Melissa McCutcheon (Chesapeake , VA) - 05/11/2016
A birthday party at Kangaroo Jac's was my son's choice. I liked having someone there to help with everything.

Kelly Sears (Virginia Beach, VA) - 05/09/2016
We chose it because last time we had a party here, you all were very helpful and made it a stressless party!

This party was the best!

Stephanie Cribb (Chesapeake , VA) - 05/08/2016
My child loves bounce houses. I refused to let my son have his party at chuck e cheese!!!

Very impressed. We had a great experience thank you!

Nneka Boyd (Norfolk, VA) - 05/07/2016
Everything was perfect!!!

Great customer service!

James Young - 05/02/2016
My 2 kids and I attended kangaroo Jacs for the first time this past Saturday April 30th after a friend told me about it. I must say I was greatly pleased with everything in the facility.

We have been to other bounce houses and they are not as clean and don't seem to care too much about the customers. I loved the way there were people out watching the kids and making sure they are following all the rules and the employees all seemed to truly enjoy their jobs and had smiles on their faces the entire time.

We will definitely be coming back to enjoy ourselves some more. Thanks for the great experience.

Carla Paykin (Virginia Beach, VA) - 05/02/2016
I liked the cleanliness of facilities and friendly, professional staff.

Claudia Garcia (Virginia Beach, VA) - 05/01/2016
I like the space and the size of the party rooms. I also like how pizza and kid's drinks are included.

Our host was very nice!

Shelley Rafferty (Virginia Beach, VA) - 04/20/2016
We had fun. The staff was great.

The kids bounced until they were all worn out!

Melanie Engen-danella (Chesapeake, VA) - 04/20/2016
My daughter and her friends enjoyed themselves.

Lorna Gonwa (Suffolk, VA) - 04/17/2016
The kids had fun!

Jessica Reich (Chesapeake, VA) - 04/17/2016
The kids had a blast. I loved the helpfulness of the staff, especially Brianna!

Tiffany Croshaw (Chesapeake, VA) - 03/31/2016
My hostess Emiyah Brooks was amazing. I liked how everything was done for me during the birthday party.

Lisa Jones (Chesapeake, VA) - 03/31/2016
Shannon was very attentive and helpful. Very friendly!

My son has fun there.

Joann Toukene (Suffolk, VA) - 03/27/2016
Our party host was Brianna ... very good service and very polite!

Ryan Cox (Hanover, MD) - 03/22/2016
We went to Kangaroo Jac's because that's where my daughter wanted to have her party.

the kids had fun!

Xzia Johnson (Chesapeake, VA) - 03/21/2016
My host was awesome!

Ashley Carrington (Virginia Beach, VA) - 03/21/2016
I knew that KJ's would be the best place to host his birthday party.

The staff was always there for me and my son. Very professional, always smiling and extremely friendly.

Everything was great !

Michelle Bolger (Chesapeake, VA) - 03/14/2016
I loved the fact that everything was taken care of and that I could relax.

Catherine Pearman (Norfolk, VA) - 10/30/2015
I loved the joy on all of the kids faces.

Keisha Wilkins (Suffolk, VA) - 10/29/2015
Cassidy did an outstanding job assisting us with the party.

Amy O'Shea (Virginia Beach, VA) - 10/28/2015
I liked the ease of entertaining a large group of kids, the help of the party hostess.


Brandon Beecher (Portsmouth , VA) - 10/28/2015
I mainly just had to show up. That was a big help this year because of my work schedule. Shannon was a terrific party host.

Lori Lucas (Chesapeake, VA) - 10/26/2015
I love Kangaroo Jac's and have had several parties there.

Cassidy was an excellent coordinator. She worked VERY hard the ENTIRE time. The children had an awesome time.

All the employees were super nice.

Crystal Argila (Virginia Beach, VA) - 10/22/2015
Our party host was very good. She made it very low stress.

The kids enjoyed the inflatables.

Kiara Johnson (Virginia Beach, VA) - 10/16/2015
My son loves bounce houses! The friendliness of the staff is THE BEST!

Sharyn Lynch (Chesapeake, VA) - 10/15/2015
Our hostess was pleasant and did a nice job.

Katherine Smith (Suffolk, VA) - 10/06/2015
Fun indoor location with everything taken care of for us.

Shannon was our party host and she was AMAZING. She was so friendly, polite, helpful and took care of everything for us.

Corlis Smith (Portsmouth, VA) - 10/05/2015
I loved the friendliness of the staff!

Dace Stalder (Chesapeake, VA) - 09/30/2015
Brianna Huntley ... She was THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

Our birthday party was very easy.

Lori Elliott (Chesapeake, VA) - 09/27/2015
I liked not having to set up or clean up.

Your manager, Summer, was AMAZING!

Nicole Del Russo (Chesapeake, VA) - 09/26/2015
The party host was a big help.

We loved Shannon!

Brooke Early (Chesapeake, VA) - 09/24/2015
It was overall a great time. The kids had a blast. All the employees were great

Ashlyn Burgess (Chesapeake, VA) - 09/23/2015
I liked having a coordinator and a private room and not having to clean up, it was nice and cool in the facility.

Anne Lea (Norfolk, VA) - 09/23/2015
We had our older son's birthday here a couple of years ago, and we had a wonderful experience so we wanted to come back.

Everything was seamless and well taken care of. Our hostess, Summer, was awesome. We didn't have to worry about anything.

Courtney Violette (Norfolk, VA) - 09/17/2015
It was so much fun and the kids loved it!

Shannon Fenton was our party host and was terrific! She was so polite and so friendly and made the party at success!

Thank you again for a wonderful party!

Juanika Copeland (Suffolk, VA) - 09/09/2015
My friend told me nothing but great things, she said she had her daughter's party there and it was wonderful.

My daughter cried because she did not want to leave. I am glad she enjoyed herself.

Blair Hoskins (Va Beach, VA) - 09/08/2015
Cassidy Harwood was amazing. Extremely friendly, helpful and overall great.

Jody Zuchowski (Virginia Beach, VA) - 09/03/2015
Shannon was the best host and took care of ALL of our needs for Aiden and his guests.

It was evident that she enjoys her job. Many people in our party noticed this.

Kendra Edwards (Virginia Beach, VA) - 09/02/2015
My grandson wanted to have his party at Kangaroo Jac's.

We liked everything about the party!

Ashley Kulp (Norfolk, VA) - 08/28/2015
My daughter loves coming there to play.

i liked how relaxed and fun it was!

Heather Kiegel (Chesapeake, VA) - 08/21/2015
It was my son's 6th birthday. We asked what he wanted and this was the place. He loves coming here!

My son was so happy! I was very impressed at that fact that mommy and daddy could relax and enjoy! We didn't have to lift a finder. Was so nice!

I highly recommend this party service. Best I've seen at any party like this.

Diana Kelly (Chesapeake, VA) - 08/09/2015
The kids could play and i could sit and rest!

Robert Loomis (Portsmouth, VA) - 07/29/2015
My child enjoyed friend's party there.

Can't remember her name but our host was exceptional

Rachel Moore (Chesapeake, VA) - 05/11/2015
The entire party was so easy. The staff followed up with me, days leading up to the party, to get an accurate head count and prepare for us. I appreciated that they called me, so I didnt have to worry about calling them.

The day of the birthday party, both the manager on duty and our attendant did an excellent job. We could not have had better service!

Matt Forrester (Chesapeake, VA) - 05/10/2015
They have the best email confirmation system for birthday parties.

Overall, birthday parties here provide the most fun the kids.

Tina Lytell (Norfolk, VA) - 05/04/2015
I loved that I didn't have to do any clean up after the party.

Our party hostess, Emyiah, was excellent. She embodied great customer service.

Lawanda Harper (Chesapeake, VA) - 05/03/2015
The birthday party packages seem well put together to me.

There was no clean up needed, and we got a super friendly and helpful party host!!

Brandi Gibson (Newport News, VA) - 04/29/2015
The party was flexible, with a good flow. They were able to bounce, come back to the private room to eat, and then go play again.

This was a fun place for my step-daughter to have her birthday party.

Cristina Coston (Chesapeake, VA) - 04/27/2015
The friendliness of the staff, both on the phone and in the store, was the best!

I will be hosting another party here.

Alissa Kriczky (Virginia Beach, VA) - 04/26/2015
A great part about the birthday party is that they gave us a free coupon to comeback and bounce for free during the week.

I would recommend Kangaroo Jac's to my friends.

Amanda Yager (Virginia Beach, VA) - 04/26/2015
They decorated the party room with a dinosaur theme, and it looked amazing! Kangaroo Jac's was perfect for the age group of Brayden's party!

Our host was awesome! She was very sweet and helpful during the party.

Amber Twiford (Virginia Beach, VA) - 04/26/2015
My daughter had a blast, and really enjoyed the inflatables!

We got great service from our host, Emyiah.

Ashby Blueford (Norfolk, VA) - 04/26/2015
We wanted our daughter's birthday party here because it's so easy and convenient.

Our hostess Emyiah was the best... so helpful and courteous.

Tomeka Harrison (Chesapeake, VA) - 04/13/2015
I love the size of the party rooms, and how clean and spacious the bounce area was.

I could enjoy my child's birthday party as much as if I were a guest, because I did not have to stress.

Celena Curry (Chesapeake, VA) - 04/12/2015
The manager Summer was awesome. Several employees checked in on us during the party to make sure all was going well.

The value is the best part of the birthday package.

Marjorae Parker (Chesapeake, VA) - 04/05/2015
My party host was very professional, and was a huge help to me, since I am 9 months pregnant.

I was very satisfied about the party, and I have no complaints. I will come again.

Kristin Wratten (Chesapeake , VA) - 03/30/2015
The best part of the party was being able to watch the kids have a blast!

The kids loved the arcade games like crazy too, not just the bouncing!

This was lots of fun for everyone-- adults included!

Deborah Wygant (Moyock, NC) - 03/29/2015
I chose Kangaroo Jac's because of the broad availabilities they offered for birthday parties. I'm glad I did, because the kids had an absolute blast.

The party went flawlessly, and I have no complaints!

Karma Freeman (Portsmouth, VA) - 03/24/2015
I liked how Kangaroo Jac's is an interactive, CLEAN place for my child and her friends to play.

The staff was very friendly and welcoming, and every single guest got a coupon to come back and bounce.

I believe our hosts name was Shannon. She was AMAZING!!!!!

I had a great time, because my daughter and her friends had a GREAT time!!!

Nicole Stevenson (Chesapeake, VA) - 03/23/2015
I liked the fact that I could sit back and relax, while everyone else helped out with the birthday party. I even tried to help, but they said "No, we got it!!!" I liked that a lot.

I also liked our host, Emiyah. She was great!!!!

Wendy Dobrasz (Virginia Beach, VA) - 03/23/2015
Our host, Shannon Fenton was absolutely amazing. I was able to relax and enjoy the party with my daughter without worrying about anything.

Birthday parties are great here, because the kids have non-stop fun!

Fabrian McCain (Chesapeake, VA) - 03/22/2015
I liked the convenience of having my party here. The staff was attentive, the pizza was great. The kids could just run and play.

Diamond was an excellent party hostess. The people who worked the snack bar were absolutely amazing as well.

We will see you next year, when we're back for another birthday party!

Christina Bradberry (Newport News, VA) - 03/18/2015
I like how my son had the freedom to play and enjoy himself.

Brianna was awesome, and did an excellent job.

Thank you to your company!

Erika Porter (Chesapeake, VA) - 03/18/2015
Our party host, Summer, was very attentive to the needs of my son's birthday party. She was the best! Thank you Summer!!!!

Sarah Patterson (Suffolk, VA) - 03/10/2015
Kangaroo jac's was a good choice for me, because I was looking for a birthday party that kids of all ages could enjoy.

Our party host, Diamond, was amazing!

Amanda Jacobson (Chesapeake, VA) - 03/08/2015
I liked that I didn't have to do any of the set up or clean up, nor be the primary entertainer.

Having a birthday party here was great, because I could enjoy the time with my son.

Summer Goodson (Chesapeake, VA) - 03/08/2015
This place is great; my son got to jump around like he really wanted to, and I did not have to do the clean up after the party.

The party package is great, I wouldn't change a thing!

Miriam Mitchell (Chesapeake , VA) - 03/08/2015
Our host Brianna was beyond amazing. She was kind, courteous, patient, present, prompt, just a very nice individual. She went above and beyond to make sure myself and guest was comfortable and needs were met. She didn't overwhelm me with the time crunch and made sure the transition from the party room to the play area flowed without chaos. I could go on and on, raving about this young lady.

I also liked the variety of inflatables offered.

John Knox (Chesapeake, VA) - 03/03/2015
My daughter loves Kangaroo Jac's, and we've always had great experiences here.

The staff, particularly our hostess, Diamond, were outstanding.

Keep up the great work!!!

Lauren White (Chesapeake, VA) - 02/26/2015
Hosting a birthday party here was so easy and all-inclusive. All I did was bring the cake.

Korie Mills was wonderful and very friendly!

Alyssa Jardell (Suffolk, VA - 02/23/2015
My sons birthday is in the winter and needs an indoor venue for birthday parties, so this place is superb. The kids had a blast!

I was so pleased with the service! Customer service was excellent, Our hostess, Erica. was so nice and was so helpful! If I needed anything she made it happen, and really seemed like she wanted to take care of us!

Loretta Meads (Elizabeth City, NC) - 02/22/2015
I liked that we had a separate! Our hostess, Gracelyn was amazing; prepared, friedly, gracious, and on top of things!

We had a terrific time at Kangaroo Jac's and look forward to returning.

John Wilburn (Virginia Beach, VA) - 02/22/2015
I liked having my child's birthday party here, so I didn't have to set up and clean up our house.

Brianna was our host, and she was excellent. She was very polite and respectful, and helped wherever she could.

Jason Lewis (Chesapeake, VA) - 02/22/2015
What I liked best was the ease of it. We showed up, had a good time, and did practically nothing but enjoy the time with our birthday girl!

Shannon Fenton was our party host, and she was incredible. She paid attention to every detail. She was very kind, knowledgeable, organized, informative, and hosted our party with enthusiasm and skill!

Kayla Wittersheim (Virginia Beach, VA) - 02/16/2015
Our party host was great!

Christina Khan (Virginia Beach, VA) - 02/16/2015
There are not many options in the Virginia Beach/Chesapeake area for two year olds to have birthday parties and my son lives jumping and bouncing.

The kids had a blast! There were so many options for them. Plus I was able to follow the kids in some other inflatables to supervise them which was nice.

Gracelyn was fantastic. She thoroughly explained what was included and she asked if we wanted any added features. She checked on us throughout the party and made sure we were happy.

Persephone & Dwight Hoenes (Moyock, NC) - 02/13/2015
My son enjoys being active, so we hosted his birthday party here.

The boys had a blast!

Stephanie Houser (Virginia Beach, VA) - 02/10/2015
My son really enjoys playing on the bounce houses; and I appreciate the clean environment.

The kids just had a blast and parents told me how much fun their kids had; it was the first time a few of them had been to Kangaroo Jac's, so I liked how other parents seemed to enjoy the place as I much as I do : -

Jennie Gross (Portsmouth, VA) - 02/09/2015
I'd heard good things about it and the kids wanted a joint birthday party so this seemed like a good fit!

The kids had a blast and it was super easy and convenient for me! I loved having a spot to unload all the coats and shoes and party supplies right as the guests came in and that it was all set up for us when we got to the party room!

Our party host, Shannon was AMAZING! She immediately engaged the kids when we walked in the door. She anticipated each need that we would have and was one step ahead taking care of it! She more than exceeded our expectations and you could feel that she genuinely enjoyed what she was doing!

Kristina Ronzio (Chesapeake, VA) - 02/09/2015
We had our birthday party at Kangaroo Jac's because she loves going there to play, the price and everything was included!

Everything was included. I didn't have to set up or clean up!

Shannon our party host was very friendly, helpful and attentive! She did a great job!

Saba Hasan (Virginia Beach, VA) - 02/07/2015
The kids had fun!

Jake Daniels (Chesapeake, VA) - 02/06/2015
Kids had a great time and entire staff that was working was extremely helpful and always smiling!

Wade was the best party host we have ever had anywhere!!!! He did everything and had a wonderful attitude. Wade made our party experience there excellent!!!!!

Jake Daniels (Chesapeake, VA) - 02/06/2015
Kids had a great time and entire staff that was working was extremely helpful and always smiling!

Wade was the best party host we have ever had anywhere!!!! He did everything and had a wonderful attitude. Wade made our party experience there excellent!!!!!

Sean Walker (Portsmouth, VA) - 02/06/2015
One thing I liked the best, was that my daughter had a smile on her face the while time she was there. The host was exceptional - Gracelyn - . She was attentive to the party by checking up on us responsive when I requested something he brought it, and helpful with serving pizza and cake.

Deanna Ritenour (Chesapeake, VA) - 02/05/2015
Gracelyn was our host and she was very sweet and attentive to the party.

Teresa Habib (Chesapeake, VA) - 02/03/2015
It is close to home, a fun place for kids, and the work is done by your staff- a big deal for busy moms. : -

Kids have fun and parents can relax a bit.

Cherie Williams (Chesapeake, VA) - 02/02/2015
The grandkids love to go there !

All the mess is not at my house !!

Jennefer Lyashenko (Chesapeake, VA) - 02/01/2015
Our kids love it!

Jennifer Skahill (Virginia Beach, VA) - 01/28/2015
The kids had a great time jumping.

Michele Weigle (Chesapeake, VA) - 01/22/2015
We had a sibling's party there and it's easy and fun.

Sonya Dunn (Chesapeake, VA) - 01/21/2015
Great indoor place for a party in the winter and all my other experiences there were always positive.

Our party host was Korie Mills and she was very friendly, attentive to all and just on top of her game.

Erica Pero (Virginia Beach, VA) - 01/20/2015
Everyone had fun - parents and kids.

Your employee - Korrie. She was the best!

We had such a great experience - thank you so much for helping us give our daughter a 5th birthday party she'll never forget!

Berta Morrobel (Annandale , VA) - 01/16/2015
My daughter had a great time on a previews party here and always wants to have all of her friends to come and play. Here was our first choice after she asked all of her classmates that this was her first party here!

All is done on schedule and they eat, play and have fun and I don't have to worry about doing much! All is planned for me.

Adel was our host he was very nice and I like that he was involved making sure we had drinks, pizza or anything that he could help. My daughter had a nice Birthday party!

A Great place for a fun day!

Wendy Porter (Virginia Beach, VA) - 01/16/2015
Shannon Fenton, our host, was amazing! She took care of everything and even told me "to relax, have fun and let her take care of everything." She was the best and even my husband spoke very highly of how professional, yet fun, she was.

Quincy Ayscue (Arlington, VA) - 01/14/2015
The reservation process was very good.

Natalie Womack (Chesapeake, VA) - 12/29/2014
It is a place that my daughter loves playing.

I want to tell you how amazing Summer, your manager, was! We love Summer. She made the experience very pleasant.

Patrick Hester (Norfolk, VA) - 12/29/2014
The kids got to run off some energy. You set up and cleaned up everything, which was great.

Brianna, our party host, was fantastic.

Lindsey Griffin - 12/28/2014
On saturday the 26th my two sons and I visited your store for the first time and I must say I was highly impressed. We had visited other bounce houses in the area and this one was by far the cleanest that we have went to.

It was nice to see that you care about a first impression. I also loved the interaction that the staff had with the kids from playing games with them to the people out on the floor watching them. We will definitely be coming back from now on.

Amanda Nica (Chesapeake, VA) - 12/27/2014
It was chosen by my daughter. She wanted a place where they could play and I wanted a place that was clean and easily accessible for all our guests.

The facility was clean, the staff was attentive and the music level was appropriate. It was the right combination of bounce time and party time.

Cynthia Curia (Chesapeake, VA) - 12/26/2014
I liked having the party planner and the fact that I felt secure that my child and friends were safe to play without me hovering over them the whole time.

Shannon was our party planner and she was fantastic!! She was very attentive and went beyond what I would consider normal duties. I have never had a bad experience at your establishment because of an employee, they are all very nice and professional.

Maria Grant (Virginia Beach, VA) - 12/25/2014
Man, our party host was great. I forgot her name. But she was very attentive and punctual. She did everything for me. It was great.

Stephanie Saunders (Suffolk, VA) - 12/16/2014
The kids loved it and we didn't have to do much!!

Our party host was Karie. She did a fantastic job!!

Cathy Barraco (Chesapeake, VA) - 12/15/2014
The staff were very nice.

Jennifer Woodard (Chesapeake, VA) - 12/15/2014
My son requested his party to be at Kangaroo Jacs this year.

The kids were occupied the entire time. No need for planning games, etc.

Erica was our party host. She was super attentive and friendly. All of the guests commented on how great she was. Amazing service!! Will come back again and request her as our host!

Brianne Bisner (Chesapeake, VA) - 12/15/2014
We have been to parties here and had our own parties here before. Our children enjoy it and the setting is appropriate for the children that we normally invite, since their ages vary greatly.

The children enjoy it, every time!

Our party host was FANTASTIC! I'm awful with names, but if you can use my info to determine her name, she deserves recognition. I have been to your facility before and never been disappointed, but she was far and above the best host we have met.

Other parents were commenting on how efficient and helpful she was, and the children thought she was fabulous. My youngest wanted to know when we could have cupcakes at her 'house' again!

Thank you for a great party!

Jenn Nacchio (Virginia Beach, VA) - 12/15/2014
I didn't have to clean up a mess!

Our party host was a nice girl.

Candice Dixon (Norfolk, VA) - 12/15/2014
Kids love the bounce house and it was affordable...

Shannon, my party host was amazing. In the process of jumping with the kids I lost a EXPENSIVE Pandora bracelet charm. She stopped the party and found it out on an inflatable!!! Yayyyy

Patrick Smith (Virginia Beach, VA) - 12/15/2014
My child loved being there every time we went and the prices for parties we're reasonable.

Clint Melton (Virginia Beach, VA) - 12/15/2014
Shannon, the Party Coordinator was exceptional. She was very good and attentive. Extremely Helpful.

Stacey McAndrews (Chesapeake, VA) - 12/15/2014
The party was Less stressful then having it at my house.

Our party host was the best! Was there for everything we needed!!!

Kristen Driggers (Virginia Beach, VA) - 12/14/2014
The party hosts took care of everything! Very attentive to our needs.

Great attitude and very accommodating.

Angela Dickens (Suffolk, VA) - 12/14/2014
Awesome staff. All parents loved it. Kids wanted to stay all day.

Tisha Jordan (Norfolk, VA) - 12/14/2014
My son is very active and wanted to have a party were him and his friends could be active.

My party was very easy and not rushed.

Our party host was GREAT!!

Pinky Sheets (Suffolk, VA) - 12/14/2014
We loved Brianna. She was great and very helpful!

Kari Lannon (Virginia Beach, VA) - 12/12/2014
My kids love it!

The party was fun for both boys and girls, easy!

Katie Goenner (Portsmouth, VA) - 12/10/2014
We had been to birthday parties before at Kangaroo Jac's and they seemed to flow well. So we booked our party here!

I liked the ease of the set up and such- I didn't have to do any of it. Our party attendant was exceptional!

She was little and super sweet. She was fantastic. Our party was in the Red room at noon on Dec 7. She was so helpful, friendly,organized, relaxed, prepared. It was beyond helpful to have her there. She probably would be the #1 reason I would recommend KJac's to friends.

Thank you for making this a fun day for my son. It was affordable, no pressure and low stress.

Inetres Sherrod (Chesapeake, VA) - 12/09/2014
Kids love the inflatables...suited for all age kids!

Our party host was outstanding , patient, and extremely polite. The smile was certainly apart of her uniform.

Mona Erezo (Chesapeake, VA) - 12/08/2014
It was a great place for all the kids around my daughters age. All of the kids had a great time bouncing there.

I loved the great time that my daughter and her friends had. Nice facility.

Deandra Lewis (Virginia Beach, VA) - 12/08/2014
My child loves the inflatable bounces!

Lori Piro (Suffolk, VA) - 12/07/2014
I don't remember our hosts name, but she was fantastic and very friendly!!!! Thank you!

Melissa Tan (Virginia Beach, VA) - 12/01/2014
Kangaroo Jac's is a fun place for kids to be active.

Shannon was very sweet and did an awesome job hosting the party.

Marcelina Hardy (Chesapeake, VA) - 11/30/2014
My son has been to Kangaroo Jacs before and loves it.

Elizabeth Hunter (Hampton, VA) - 11/28/2014
No set up and no clean up required.

Robert was the best party host, always polite and easy to locate if anything was needed. My daughter's party was a huge success because of him.

Crystal Andrews (Virginia Beach, VA) - 11/28/2014
I felt the party package was very good.

Amy Blankson (Suffolk, VA) - 11/26/2014
The kids had fun.

Cynthia Sailes (Chesapeake, VA) - 11/25/2014
My son picked were he wanted his birthday party to be at. And Kangaroo Jacs was his first choice! He loves having fun! And what better place to have fun at than here!

I liked not have to clean up after the party was over.

Summer was more than great, she was the best! She was very quick to set up our party, and was right there all the time helping the kids with their pizza and drinks.

She really helped make my sons party a fun one!

Thank you!

Quiana Wood (Va Beach, VA) - 11/23/2014
Everything was great -- my party host did a really great job and was very helpful!

Penny Smelser (Chesapeake, VA) - 11/23/2014
Korie was our party coordinator and she did a fantastic job. I had a to-do-list in my head but forgot everything when I arrived, luckily Korie took care of everything.

Elena Ilardi (Chesapeake , VA) - 11/23/2014
I liked having the designated helper for the party.

Heather Lyon-Louer (Portsmouth, VA) - 11/19/2014
Everything was taking care of as promised.

Our hostess, Erica, was very friendly, helpful, and attentive towards our party. I enjoyed having her host our party!

Mytia Giggetts (Suffolk, VA) - 11/17/2014
I didn't have to do anything but just relax and watch the kids play.

Marla Read (Virginia Beach, VA) - 11/17/2014
Kangaroo Jac's looked nice, clean and fun. Competitive pricing.

The kids had a great time!

I would go back for another visit with my kids!

Rob Finwall (Virginia Beach, VA) - 11/13/2014
Fun activity and great deal!

Shannon was our party host and was amazing! She was very sweet and attentive. We didn't have to ask for anything because she had already had it done. There was a gentleman behind the counter as well, but I can't recall his name. He was also amazing and helpful! He answered all our questions and was very kind. Great traits for not only customer service, but for dealing with children. Service was exceptional!

The facility was clean and not crowded. Both employees were EXTREMELY helpful and sweet. All the kids had a blast!

Brandi Bailey (Shawboro, NC) - 11/12/2014
My son had a wonderful birthday ... thank you!!!

Jessica Jackson (Portsmouth, VA) - 11/10/2014
The staff handles everything and parents can ENJOY their child's birthday as well

Erica did awesome. She was very attentive and empathetic to all our needs

David Bene (Virginia Beach, VA) - 11/09/2014
Our host was great. Had a great time!

Garroy Thomas (South Mills, NC) - 11/05/2014
Kids can play rain or shine!

Janet Li (Virginia Beach, VA) - 11/03/2014
My daughter loves to bounce and it seemed like the cleanest facility around. I also heard great things about Kangaroo Jacs.

Everything was taken care of for us, we didn't have to worry about a thing. So we got to enjoy our daughter's party.

Summer was great! She really made the party. We had a lot of decorations and the way she put them out made the room looked terrific! She didn't complain at all and helped with every bit of the party. I didnt have to worry about anything, before we could request anything Summer had it for us, it's like she read our minds. If we have another party we will be requesting her, give her a raise!

Overall the party was great. All your employees were friendly and helpful. Thanks so much for making my daughters party great!

Christina Kerrigan (Virginia Beach, VA) - 10/26/2014
I choose Kangaroo Jac's because we have been there for two other parties and my son had a blast each time.

Shannon helped with our party. She was polite and great with the kids!

I liked having your own room for the guests to sit and eat.

Randy Wokeme (Norfolk, VA) - 10/26/2014
Room setup was good; Our party host was very helpful in meeting our needs.

Very Kid friendly!

Jaclyn DiPaola (Chesapeake, VA) - 10/23/2014
My son loves it.

All the children had a great time!

Elaine Moninger (Norfolk, VA) - 10/20/2014
Kangaroo Jac's has a large space, and is clean!

Everything was taken care of for our party.

Ashtin Sawyer (Chesapeake, VA) - 10/20/2014
The hostess took care of everything, no clean up for me!

Elizabeth Hirsch (Virginia Beach, VA) - 10/20/2014
My children wanted to have their party there. They love to bounce!!

I liked the convenience. Everything was done for me and the kids loved it!

Tiffany James (Norfolk, VA) - 10/15/2014
My child loves bounce houses and this one was new to him and seemed like an easy organized party place.

It was easy and I could enjoy playing with my child while someone else served and ran the party.

Dorothea Hescock (Chesapeake, VA) - 10/14/2014
All the details were taken care of.

Brianna and Ty were FANTASTIC!!!

Jessica Folan (Chesapeake, VA) - 10/13/2014
Our kids birthday party was the BEST!

I liked that I could relax and enjoy it.

Matt Kemick (Virginia Beach, VA) - 10/06/2014
This is the place our son chose for his birthday party.

Wade our party host was great!!

I liked - My house wasn't a playground for 15 kids!!

Ariel Pagan (Suffolk, VA) - 09/30/2014
We attended a previous birthday party at Kangaroo and was impressed with the environment.

My kids enjoyed the atmosphere!

Lauren Watson (Portsmouth, VA) - 09/30/2014
I chose Kangaroo Jac's because my daughter loves to jump on inflatables and she wanted to invite children of different ages. The prices were also great. I wouldn't change anything about the package. :- -

I love the atmosphere. Its hard to say one thing because I loved and appreciated everything at Kangaroo Jac's.

Yes, the service was outstanding. I believe our hostess was Brianna and she was outstanding. The young lady that made my reservation was also very pleasant but I don't remember her name. She explained everything to me and answered all my questions.

We loved our experience at Kangaroo Jac's. Some of the parents that came are planning to have their childrens party there also. We always love good service. From the date I made the reservation to the party date, we are very pleased with Kangaroo Jac's. We will be back!!! Thank you so much again for making my daughter's 9th birthday so special.

Kathy Rubio (Chesapeake, VA) - 09/29/2014
I liked the friendly service!

Christine Samborowski (Chesapeake, VA) - 09/29/2014
We had our birthday party here because Xavier loves Kangaroo Jac's and because I'm pregnant. It was so lovely to have Summer take care of everything for us! She was beyond helpful and so lovely: - we love her and were beyond excited to find out she would be hosting our party!! She went above and beyond for us and all of our guests were beyond impressed with the service by Summer, Korie and the rest of the staff!!

It's also worth mentioning how lovely it was to see all of the smiling, attentive employees keeping an eye on all of the kiddos making sure they All played safely.

Everyone had a wonderful time from the Great Grandmothers to the toddler party guests.

All of my mommy friends were talking about how they will have their next birthday parties at Kangaroo Jacs because of the level of service that was provided!

Elizabeth Basinger (Chesapeake, VA) - 09/29/2014
My daughter loves Kangaroo Jac's . She was excited about having her birthday party there.

Everything was taken care of for me.

Adrienne Turner (Suffolk, VA) - 09/23/2014
My daughter wanted to do something different for her birthday

I liked the atmosphere, the amount of bounce houses and the staff!

Katara Ratliff (Chesapeake, VA) - 09/22/2014
I chose Kangaroo Jac's for numerous reasons to include but not limited to their professional reputation, sanitary play areas, and attentive staff members.

I liked the attentiveness of our party hostess.

Tykia Hutchinson (Virginia Beach, VA) - 09/22/2014
A birthday party at Kangaroo Jac's was my son's choice.

Easy to reserve, confirm and set up!

Our host was awesome.

Emily Nelson (Chesapeake, VA) - 09/15/2014
No work for our party! The kids played and the adults talked and the party host did everything else.

Tiffany Bryant (Suffolk, VA) - 09/14/2014
Kangaroo Jack was where my son wanted to celebrate his birthday.

I did not have to do anything but show up!

Thank you for making Derrick have a very happy birthday party!

Jessica Hall (Virginia Beach, VA) - 09/07/2014
We had our party at Kangaroo Jac's because my daughter had so much fun at someone's birthday party we attended last year.

I LOVED that everything was planned down to the minute. Our party host- Shannon WAS AWESOME!!!!! I would say she was the entire reason that I am thinking about having my daughter's party next year with you guys at Kangaroo Jacs. She made everything....I mean EVERYTHING so much easier and stress free. SHE WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. A few parents wanted to know the details about the party as well because of how smooth it went. I have to say it again because of how great Shannon was; I would love to have another party there next year!

Carrie Turner (Chesapeake, VA) - 09/04/2014
I wanted a stress-free birthday party. My daughter turned five. She's getting to the age where she has more friends ... Kangaroo Jacs made it easier! It entertained the kids (no worries) and everyone had fun!

Leslie Matson (Chesapeake, VA) - 08/29/2014
Our host was very attentive.

Gwendolyn Adams (Norfolk, VA) - 08/28/2014
Awesome experience for the kids.

Karen Anderson (Virginia Beach, VA) - 08/26/2014
A birthday party here was requested by the birthday girl! It was so easy and stress free.

Our party host, Diamond was top notch.

Laquitta Ricks (Pearland, TX) - 08/25/2014
Our party host did a very good job!

Princess Cuffee (Chesapeake, VA) - 08/21/2014
I liked having a hostess and the large bounce houses!

Jeanette De Guzman (Chesapeake, VA) - 08/18/2014
He has always had a great time there. We had a successful birthday party there for him last year and he wanted to do it again this year.

The hostess took care of everything and was very attentive. She anticipated when we would need things like more water and handled things in a friendly and efficient way. The free admission coupons for our guests was a terrific plus.

Diamond was a great hostess.

Lori Carpenter (Chesapeake, VA) - 08/17/2014
It is the place my son wanted to have his party at.

Diamond was very friendly and attentive. She was around when we needed her and not pushy.

Fequoya Fajota (Virginia Beach, VA) - 08/12/2014
I like how well organized they are for birthday parties. Robert was a good party host.

Kimberly Roes (Chesapeake, VA) - 08/10/2014
My child enjoys it. It is reasonably priced….

No clean-up or serving cake for me!

Nicole Frizzelle (Chesapeake, VA) - 08/04/2014
I wanted to find a place to have a party for my 1 year old. Kangaroo Jacs was ideal because of the option of the adults jumping with the little ones as well.

Emiyah, our party host, was exceptional!

Michelle Bemis (Chesapeake, VA) - 08/02/2014
My husband is deployed so I wanted a place that would make the planning and execution of a birthday party as easy on me as possible.

Diamond was our party host and did a wonderful job. I appreciate just how attentive she was!

The kids had a great time and my son was very happy. I wouldn't change a thing.

Thank you!

Melani Mize (Chesapeake, VA) - 07/29/2014
The kids had fun and there was no stress when it came to the party planning.

Korie, our party host, was great! She was very attentive and polite.

Jade Ihlenfeld (Chesapeake, VA) - 07/29/2014
I liked not having to worry about anything just show up with cake and presents and everything else is done for you. I just had a baby so I wanted something easy. The kids had a blast and I had diamond to help me with whatever I needed.

We really liked Diamond. She was very friendly and efficient. She kept the party on track and it was nice to not have the responsibily of serving food and cleaning up. Thank you Diamond for all your help. You were great!

Phillip Tyree (Virginia Beach, VA) - 07/28/2014
Our kids enjoyed it!

Christina Warren (Chesapeake, VA) - 07/27/2014
My son had a wonderful 4th birthday at kj's! Thank you!

Amanda Jones (Virginia Beach, VA) - 07/21/2014
Kangaroo Jac's is a clean and friendly place.

Jennifer Terranova (Elizabeth City, NC) - 07/19/2014
This was a Summer Camp Field Trip

The kids had a great time! Staff was fun and friendly : -

Jessica Smith (Chesapeake, VA) - 07/13/2014
My daughter loves jumping there!!!!!

I like no cleanup!

Khristina Donner (Virginia Beach, VA) - 07/07/2014
My children had a lot fun here at a friends birthday party and I liked the attentiveness of the staff. That's why we had our party here.

I liked the fact that the party host did everything.

Rachel was amazing!!! She was so patient and thorough with everything. I run a restaurant so it's hard for me to not help clean up but she wouldn't let me and insisted that I just relax and have fun. She is definitely a keeper!!

This is definitely the best place to throw a kids party. The entire staff was very friendly and helpful.

Kangaroo Jacs rocks!!!

Clineshia Tate (Chesapeake, VA) - 07/07/2014
It looked clean in comparison to other bounce house facilities in the area and the private party room was a great size.

Our host was very nice and attentive!

Tana Mason (Chesapeake, VA) - 07/01/2014
Wade was our host and was very attentive and helpful...great job!

Joel Graves (Chesapeake , VA) - 06/17/2014
The birthday girl wanted it there because she had attended other parties there and was thrilled about the place, so we booked her party there and also were thrilled about our choice.

I liked how well coordinated and friendly the staff was and the intense fun the kids had.

Diamond was our Hostess and she did a wonderful job. She was accomadating, super helpful and took lots of iniative to see that the important things were done, all in a timely and friendly way. I did not get the names of the others but everyone was great.

Robert Stephens (Virginia Beach, VA) - 06/13/2014
We came back because previous parties have all been good. My son likes playing there.

I like letting 25 kids run wild - burn energy - and then having pizza and cake.

Our party host, Diamond, was very personable and attentive. Very helpful with a large party.

Stephanie Griffin (Chesapeake, VA) - 06/10/2014
You made it extremely easy. All I needed to do was show up!

Our birthday party was great! My son and his friends had a great time!!

Ashley Burcroff (Chesapeake, VA) - 06/08/2014
Our party host, Rachel was great. I loved how everything was set up and I didn't have to do a thing.

Rachel and all the staff there are fantastic!

Conswela Riddick (Chesapeake, VA) - 06/06/2014
We had our birthday party here because I knew my child and her friends would have a great time.

Diamond (our party host) was very helpful!

Verna Ibarra (Virginia Beach, VA) - 06/02/2014
I liked the affordable prices and the fact that Kangaroo Jacs offered the inflatables and the pizza included with the party.

I liked the fact that the staff was so attentive in informing me when the pizza would arrive, and really made sure that everyone had cake and pizza.

Emiya was really nice. She was very courteous and asked questions about who should receive cake and pizza, and she really tried her best to listen to my needs. She really did most of the work, and really helped me out especially when she asked if my 3.5 y.o. sons should receive cake..that was a good call. I know some young people don't understand that sometimes toddlers have TOO MUCH SUGAR. Still, through my request, she served them cake, which was great! Lily and my 2 boys really enjoyed the party especially the balloons!

Jennifer Seiders (Virginia Beach, VA) - 06/01/2014
My child attended another party there and wanted to do the same thing for her birthday.

Rachael gave us terrific service.

Caridad Betancourt (Chesapeake, VA) - 06/01/2014
My son loves to bounce!

Kangaroo Jac's has a friendly staff , wonderful host!

Christie Shakallis (Norfolk, VA) - 05/26/2014
We were well taken care of by your staff! They even put up decorations that I brought! That is above and beyond! The we're very attentive and extremely helpful!

We have three boys and have paid for and done a lot of parties and this one was, by far, the best experience! And it was affordable which is nice!

Overall, we were very, very happy with our experience. Thank you!

Eric Wesley (Virginia Beach, VA) - 05/22/2014
We had another party here because my daughter had fun last year at her party at Kangaroo Jac's.

My daughter and her guests had so much fun on the bounce houses. The party host was very nice and helpful.

Our hostess was very helpful with the kids during pizza and cakes. For example, some kids didn't like certain juice box favors and she made sure they had one that they liked. Also we had a warm greeting and a fond farewell by the lady who checks you in.

Thanks for having hand sanitizers throughout the facility! You don't see that at chuck e cheese!

Jason Lock (Nofolk, VA) - 05/19/2014
We have attended previous parties at Kangaroo Jac's. We had ours here because it has more room for kids to play. Rachel was a good party host.

Jill Branch (Chesapeake, VA) - 05/12/2014
We chose Kangaroo Jac's for our birthday party because the pricing was better than competitor's, and we wanted a party that met our needs as a busy family.

I liked no clean-up for parents!

Jennifer Parks (Chesapeake, VA) - 05/12/2014
Our party was easy. Brianna did a super job making sure everything was going smoothly.

Brenda Green (Virginia Beach, VA) - 05/08/2014
The kids had a fun time. We received excellent service from Diamond, our party host.

Melissa Calaman (Virginia Beach, VA) - 05/06/2014
Fun for the kids- and no mess in my house!

The general manager on duty was fantastic!

Sarah Vernon (Virginia Beach, VA) - 05/05/2014
Kangaroo Jac's seemed to be a better value based on other bounce houses.

I liked that everything was taken care of for me.

Wade (our party host) was awesome!

Shelby Gregory (Chesapeake, VA) - 05/04/2014
It was fun for the kids!

Michael Ellis (Virginia Beach, VA) Address: 2085 Eagle Rock Road - 05/04/2014
The facility was ideal for our daughter's birthday party and it was simple. All-in-one place with good features.

Great place for kids to party and play!

Kristin Dozier (Chesapeake, VA) - 05/04/2014
The person who was in charge of our party was very helpful. I can't remember his name.

The kids had fun!

Jennifer Lacroix (Chesapeake, VA) - 05/01/2014
We live 2 minutes from a "Bounce House" and we drove 15 minutes to party at Kangaroo Jac's instead because it's clean, the staff are very active and continuously checking the inflatables and courteous, and the party rooms are a great size - not too small - to accomadate all of the children and their parents. The price of the party and the items that it includes makes the parties a great deal for the money you spend. Our party host, Diamond, did an incredible job! I got SO MANY compliments from the kids and even lots of the parents.

I don't know that I would change anything. We're just pretty simple people, so we just did the base party without a lot of extras. But I had plenty of options for themes and add-ons if I had wanted them.

I didn't have to worry about decorations. The room had paintings on the walls, streamers from the ceiling and balloon table coverings. All I had to worry with was the cake, and I didn't even have to do that if I hadn't wanted to do it myself.

Diamond was our party host and she did an fabulous job. We were her first party for the day, and she was waiting at the counter when we arrived. She checked back on us many times with exceptional timing and schedule. She was very happy and upbeat the entire time. She made sure that I had remembered things that are easily forgotten like a lighter for the candles and a knife for the cake. I could go on and on, but she really did an outstanding job! She's great at being a party host. The manager-on-duty was also very nice and helpful while checking in and out. Unfortunately, I can't remember her name, but she did great.

My son's 5th birthday party was an incredible success. Everyone - young and old - had a blast! We have played there before and we will be back to play again. The set up was great with the tables in the center of all the inflatables so that the parents could monitor and follow their kids activity. The staff was incredible and continually moving throughout the entire place whether they were checking play areas or working behind the counter. It seemed to run like a well-oiled manchine.

Naomi Matz (Norfolk, VA) - 04/30/2014
The kids had a blast!

Dawn Kemano (Chesapeake, VA) - 04/28/2014
We had another party here because we had a really good time at a party in October, the price was perfect, the staff were great!

Elizabeth Kress (Norfolk, VA) - 04/18/2014
We liked the cleanliness at Kangaroo Jac's!

Kevin Palos (Chesapeake, VA) - 04/18/2014
They love to play there...

Fun for the kids, nice having the set up help and not having to clean afterwards!

Our host was excellent.

Kristi McAloon (Chesapeake, VA) - 04/16/2014
We had our party here because I attended a previous party and my daughter enjoys bounce houses.

The kids had fun.

Claudia Garcia (Virginia Beach, VA) - 04/14/2014
I found you on my active child web page. I visited several bounce house places and like Kangaroo Jac's the best because it look the cleanest and people who talk to me and show me around were very polite.

Our host was great!

Tameral Walker (Suffolk, VA) - 04/08/2014
We love all the fun things to do!

Our party host, Summer, was awesome!

John Johnson (Norfolk, VA) - 04/07/2014


Tamara McCallister (Norfolk, VA) - 04/07/2014
My son turned 5 so it seemed age appropriate, convenient, fun and clean.

Our Hostess's were the best. Very attentive and helpful.

Thank you for helping make my sons birthday so special!

Niyah Williams (Chesapeake, VA) - 04/05/2014
The hostess was very friendly, I really appreciated the help. I would definitely like her to be recognized. She was a sweetheart.

Kristin Wratten (Chesapeake, VA) - 04/01/2014
My daughter loves Kangaroo Jac's!

We love the fun! Love the inflatables!

Our party host, Brianna, was amazing!

Christina Yager (Virginia Beach, VA) - 03/26/2014
The kids were able to play and go into the room whenever they wanted or needed a break. It was nice it was adult friendly as well. The children didn't need a lot of supervision which was nice they could just play.

Special thanks to our party host, Diamond. She did a great job checking in with us. Also did a good job with serving pizza and cake. Very friendly and attentive.

We will be coming back!

Sophronia Jackson (Virginia Beach, VA) - 03/25/2014
My grandson enjoyed a party we came to was fun!

The party was very organized and the kids enjoyed the jumping.

Rachel was an excellent party host!!!

It was just a great party for everyone -- even the parents!

Caroline O'Kelley (Chesapeake , VA) - 03/25/2014
My son loves it!

It was so easy to do! You guys took care of everything for me! The kids had a blast!

Diamond was our party host and she was wonderful! She was very attentive, friendly and courteous! Customer service could not have been better! I would definitely recommend you guys and specifically Diamond as the party host!

Michelle Dennis (Chesapeake, VA) - 03/23/2014
The hostess - Diamond - was extremely helpful and ensured we had what we needed.

Terry Derks (Virginia Beach, VA) - 03/22/2014
The kids had fun jumping.

Jessica Blackburn (Virginia Beach, VA) - 03/22/2014
A kangaroo Jac's party is quick and easy and a good price.

Our party coordinator was very helpful.

Michele Weigle (Chesapeake, VA) - 03/21/2014
My son loves bounce houses, everything is taken care of for the party!

Martine Nuera (Virginia Beach, VA) - 03/21/2014
My daughter likes to jump. It was fun to dance with all the kids too.

Connie Hepler (Carrollton, VA) - 03/21/2014
I liked the ease for parents, staff took care of everything.

Siabhon Harris (Chesapeake, VA) - 03/17/2014
The Host was awesome!

Brittney Conroy (Virginia Beach, VA) - 03/17/2014
The kids enjoying bouncing and running around in a safe environment. Party was taken care of with EXCELLENT customer service!

Diamond was out host for the party and she did a ABOVE EXCELLENT JOB!!!!!!!!! Always checking on us to make sure that we were doing well or needed anything at anytime to come get her.

First time being at Kangaroo Jac's and it was an amazing experience! My son loved his party and bouncing and playing with friends and our host had EXCELLENT customer service along with the entire staff at the front desk. The pizza was also good! It had flavor and was thick! Much better place than the other bounce houses I have been to in Virginia!!!!

Kristy Hocevar (Virginia Beach, VA) - 03/17/2014
Then children loved it.

Our host was great!

Heather Mckeating (Virginia Beach, VA) - 03/17/2014
We had an end of the year party for our youth hockey team!

The kids had a great time and the place was very clean.

Jennifer Perry (Chesapeake, VA) - 03/16/2014
I thought my son would have a blast, which he did.

It was very easy. I didn't have to do anything, my party host volunteered to help so everything!

Gwendelyn Lee-Thomas (Chesapeake, VA) - 03/09/2014
I loved my party host and the staff at the store. They were very friendly, helpful and attentive to what I needed.

Erica Demary (Suffolk, VA) - 03/09/2014
I chose Kangaroo Jack's because I have never went out to a place to have a birthday party. I saw the pictures of the facility and loved it. Went to the place and felt comfortable with my choice.

I liked how friendly the hostess was. She made sure everything was organized. All of the employees were so nice.

Diamond was our party host. She was SUPER NICE!! If I do another party here I would only request her. She did an amazing job. Also she made my first experience of going to a place for a party a very good experience.

I really appreciated everything. I love Kangaroo Jack's.The kids from my party had fun. I really enjoyed my time here. Thank You so much.

Brandi Johnson (Hampton, VA) - 03/06/2014
Jaden attended a bounce house party for her cousin in Richmond. She said she wanted an obstacle course party. So I knew I needed to find a bounce house location in Hampton Roads that had obstacle courses.

The host, Rachel, took care of everything and did a really good job.

Jasmine Davis (Suffolk, VA) - 03/06/2014
We hosted our birthday party at Kangaroo Jac's because I heard you guys were awesome and had great service.

Our party was very organized. Host was very attentive. Best service I've received.

Lisa Angelo (Chesapeake, VA) - 03/05/2014
My son loves to play there.

Brianna provided excellent service. The party could not have been better.

Rene Lehr (Norfolk, VA) - 03/04/2014
We hosted our party here because we attended a party here last year for a class mate. it was something different and fresh.

Great job everyone.

Kate Jefferson (Virginia Beach, VA) - 03/03/2014
My twins are 4, but their friends/kid family range in age from 2 to 10. This was a great option to appeal to that range of those ages. Also, it's flu season - eww - and I always find your place to be cleaner than most. It's one of our family's favorite places.

No set-up or clean-up at my home, good value, all of the kids - and the parents - had a great time, the party hostess was fantastic - it was just a really great day.

Our host's name was Diamond. She was WONDERFUL. Really attentive, very sweet, she wasn't pushy but she was efficient. She's a keeper!

We plan to be back for next year's birthday - this was a great experience. I usually dread planning/executing kids parties because there's always some sort of hang-up. This was totally different. I will recommend Kangaroo Jac's to my friends for sure.

We had a wonderful experience.

Olga Fernandez (Chesapeake, VA) - 03/03/2014
It's easy, no worries or hassles on my part. The kids have a blast!

Brianna helped me few times over the phone and when I went by the store. Very nice and professional young lady. Also our party host Rachel very professional and of course she took very good care of our guests! Awesome girls, will definitely recommend them: -

Good job for running a great place. We enjoyed our time there.

Denise Wilkerson (Chesapeake, VA) - 03/02/2014
Kangaroo Jac's is a way to keep kids busy and have fun!

Stefanie Roberts (Chesapeake, VA) - 03/02/2014
We liked having a party host help us out.

Matthew Smith (Chesapeake, VA) - 02/27/2014
My son loves coming to Kangaroo Jac's.

Destini Dover (Norfolk, VA) - 02/24/2014
It seemed fun to have a birthday party at where kids would enjoy themselves the whole time there.

My daughter and all her guesst really enjoyed themselves.

Deva Borah (Chesapeake, VA) - 02/24/2014
Our children wanted to have their birthday party there.

Mitchell was a great party host.

Richard Imel (Chesapeake, VA) - 02/24/2014
My son goes there often and enjoys it.

Jasmine Mcinnis (Norfolk, VA) - 02/24/2014
It was really fun for everyone!

Kelli Miller (Virginia Beach, VA) - 02/24/2014
We came back for another birthday party at Kangaroo Jac's because she enjoyed her party the last time we had it here and the staff that helped with the party.

Lavern Haugabrook (Chesapeake, VA) - 02/23/2014
Everything was nice!

Peggy Hull (Moyock, NC) - 02/22/2014
We had a prior birthday party here for my son last year and again this year. the kids totally enjoy themselves and just don't want to stop playing long enough to do anything else.

As a parent, was nice to sit back and relax knowing the kids are safe in place and having a fun.

Rachel, was our party hostess and was very helpful, attentive, and sweet.

Nicole Johnson (Chesapeake, VA) - 02/19/2014
We had another party at Kangaroo Jac's because we had two other parties here for my daughter and the kids love it.

Korie, our party host, was awesome!

James Young - 02/18/2014
To whom it may concern, I would like to tell how great my experience at Kangaroo Jac's was this past Saturday. We came there around noon and didn't leave until about 5pm because the kids were having so much fun.

The staff that was there interacted with the kids and parents to ensure everyone had a great time. I loved the idea of playing the dance games so that way parents and their kids can get involved together. Also the idea of having workers out in the play area making sure the kids were safe was a pleasant surprise because we have been to other bounce houses where this wasn't the case.

And the snack bar with all the items made sure that we didn't have to leave to go to find some place to eat which made the kids happy because they could just eat and go back to playing. Thanks to all who were working that day that made this a wonderful experience.

Robert Gomez (Chesapeake, VA) - 02/16/2014
Summer was an excellent party host. I was able to attend to my guests snd she handled all the details in the party room. Summer did an excellent job keeping me informed on the times different activities were going to happen - room setup, play time, food arrive, cake time, etc. - .

Heidi Salway (Virginia Beach, VA) - 02/14/2014
Kangaroo Jac's is very age appropriate and easy for parents.

A party here makes it very easy to accommodate everyone and easy for parents.

Our party host, Korie, was very kind and very attentive. : - . She kept us on track too!

Tekita Blackwell (Norfolk, VA) - 02/10/2014
What I liked best about our birthday party at Kangaroo Jac's was the FUN FACTOR!

Crystal Strong (Knotts Island, NC) - 02/09/2014
I liked not having to serve or clean up after the party.

I'm not sure of the name of our party host, but she was great.

Marsha Berry (Chesapeake, VA) - 02/09/2014
My son loves the bounce area and asked for his party to be there.

Diamond was our host. She was great!

Evelyn Handley (Moyock, NC) - 02/06/2014
That is where my daughter really wanted to have her 5th Birthday party.

I liked the worry-free aspect of it, and the fact that it is for a specific amount of time. Makes it easy for birthday party planning!

James Strother, Jr (Norfolk, VA) - 02/06/2014
My daughter loved the bounce house...

Nicholas Odette (Virginia Beach, VA) - 02/05/2014
The staff took care of everything! Very nice…

Very convenient. No stress for me and my wife!


Micheal Martin (Chesapeake, VA) - 02/04/2014
my son had a blast at a party he attended!

Sarah Brown (Virginia Beach, VA) - 02/03/2014
My son wanted to have his party at Kangaroo Jac's.

Our party host set up the room, served the food, and cleaned up. The only thing I needed to worry about was how much fun the kids had!

Both the parents and the kids had a great time!

Craig Scott (Virginia Beach, VA) - 01/27/2014
Kangaroo Jac's is where my child wanted to have her birthday party.

I liked that the kids had a great time.

Tiffany Boyd (Chesapeake, VA) - 01/27/2014
My kids have always liked this place. I thought it would be great birthday party for my God son.

The party attendant made it worry free!

Jennifer Ona (Virginia Beach, VA) - 01/25/2014
Our party host was WONDERFUL!!!

Casey Lawrence (Chesapeake, VA) - 01/25/2014
Our host, Brianna, was amazing!

Susan Pauly (Ahoskie, NC) - 01/22/2014
We had our party at Kangaroo Jac's because we wanted the kids to have a party with activities vs. video games.

We loved the staff… Great service !

Danica Melton (Portsmouth, VA) - 01/21/2014
Its winter and I thought it would be fun to let the kids get out of the house and go somewhere they enjoy to play!

I like that the kids were able to have a good time in a safe environment.

Heather Veracruz (Chesapeake, VA) - 01/16/2014
The kids had a great time!

Jeremy Beaumont (Virginia Beach, VA) - 01/14/2014
Our birthday party was convenient and easy to book online.

The staff was so friendly and helpful. They decorated the room for me which allowed me to tend to our guests. I didn't have to do a thing once the party started. Everything ran smoothly and all if the kids had a great time..

Christine Rader (Hampton, VA) - 01/13/2014
I went to Kangaroo Jac's because I wanted a new and exciting experience for my child's party.

The party host Rachele was awesome!

It was a great overall party. I would host another party at Kangaroo Jac's.

Sarah Esparza (Norfolk, VA) - 01/12/2014
We booked our birthday party at Kangaroo Jac's because our son had a blast at the previous birthday party there.

Our hostess, Kori, was excellent, very nice and attentive.

Chrishanna Mitchell (Norfolk, VA) - 01/07/2014
My child loves this place.

Summer Williams (Chesapeake, VA) - 01/06/2014
Our party planner Rachel was amazing. She was extremely sweet and helpful. Also all of the kids just love it.

Again , Rachel was the best!! Please thank her for being so sweet and accommodating!

Sonika Masters (Chesapeake, VA) - 01/06/2014
Kangaroo Jac's is a very clean place. We had our party here for the convenience and entertainment!

Andrea Osborne (Virginia Beach, VA) - 01/06/2014
It looked fun an that's what the girls chose for their birthday party.

I liked that I didn't have to clean up anything!

Lushens McNamara (Chesapeake, VA) - 12/19/2013
My son wanted a party at a bounce house this year.

Our hostess was the greatest- Summer!!! She made the party an overall great experience.

Frankie Knox (Virginia Beach, VA) - 12/19/2013
Kangaroo Jac's has the size, and price to accommodate our party.

Rachelle Feurer (Chesapeake, VA) - 12/16/2013
This was the best option for a party plus my daughter likes Kangaroo Jac's a lot more than the bounce house.

The whole staff was friendly and fun!

I cannot wait till the next birthday party!

Shaneka Ross (Suffolk , VA) - 12/16/2013
My daughter loves to play there, so she chose for her party to be there.

My party host was phenomenal! Brianna was great!

My daughter and the rest of the guests had a blast!

Excellent customer service from your entitre staff!

Brianne Bisner (Chesapeake, VA) - 12/15/2013
My daughter requested her birthday party at Kangaroo Jacs.

Rachel was our coordinator - she was very helpful!

Lushens McNamara (Chesapeake, VA) - 12/14/2013
We came to Kangaroo Jac's because my son wanted a party at a bounce house this year.

Our hostess was the greatest- Summer!!! She made the party an overall great experience.

Colleen Pichette (Norfolk, VA) - 12/11/2013
Summer was VERY attentive and did a wonderful job. She made sure that we felt like we could just sit back and enjoy the party. She was very good at making sure that we didn't have to do anything. She was great!

Kerry Scheiner (Chesapeake, VA) - 12/10/2013
The hostess takes care of everything! I like that.

Tai Petties (Virginia Beach, VA) - 12/09/2013
I like the atmosphere at Kangaroo Jac's

April Chandler (Chesapeake, VA) - 12/09/2013
I thought it would be a fun place for a birthday party and I have heard good things about it.

Rachel, our party host, was great!

Gerrie McLaughlin (Chesapeake, VA) - 12/09/2013
Kangaroo Jac's is a good place for kids to run and play with the cold winter weather.

I liked the fact the kids got to run and play. Their party was on a cold rainy day so it was a great way for the kids to get out and get some energy out.

Paola Matilsky (Virginia Beach, VA) - 12/09/2013
We had our party at Kangaroo Jac's because it is big enough for many kids and a safe and fun environment.

All the staff was very friendly and helpful. I would like to commend and thank all of them.

Denise Wade (Norfolk, VA) - 12/09/2013
The location was convenient for most of my family and I've heard good things about the facility.

I didn't have to set up nor clean up. The staff was helpful with serving the food and cake.

Your employee, Korie, was great!

Kangaroo Jac's is a great place for kids!

Our party hostesses were great!

Shannon Andrews (Chesapeake, VA) - 12/08/2013
A birthday party at Kangaroo Jac's is Fun. Kids enjoy and the help from staff to make party go smooth.

Morgan Perez (Virginia Beach, VA) - 12/07/2013
I love the simplicity of a party that's already set up to happen. I've been to parties where people rent one bounce house and it's usually a disaster. Kj's facility is spacious and the equipment is great.

Sarah Dellavecchio (Chesapeake, VA) - 12/06/2013
My daughter went to a party at different bounce house and had fun bouncing. However the facility was dirty and the staff wasn't friendly. So I searched and found your facility.

During our birthday party, the attendant was great and did all the work for us.

Kangaroo Jac's is a wonderful party place -- will for sure recommend and be back!

Laura LaFlamboy (Virginia Beach, VA) - 12/02/2013
I loved watching the kids have a ball.

Lorrene Durgin (Virginia Beach, VA) - 12/01/2013
Our party was the best!

Amber Critzer (Portsmouth, VA) - 11/30/2013
Kangaroo Jac's was where my son wanted his birthday party at.

Our hostess was AWESOME!!!

Megan Beech (Portsmouth , VA) - 11/25/2013
No setup or cleanup and the kids love it!

It was a place to allow the kids to get their energy out since it is cold outside!

Our party host, Rachel, was exceptional!

Kelly Sears (Virginia Beach, VA) - 11/25/2013
A friend said it was awesome and we were looking for a fun bounce house place!

The kids had a blast and everything was taken care of!

Dominique Gaines (Woodbridge, VA) - 11/24/2013
I liked the all-inclusive pricing, convenience and self entertainment for children.

Sirish Kasarabada (Virginia Beach, VA) - 11/24/2013
My son loves Kangaroo Jac's and he wanted his birthday party here.

Cassondra Ferrell (Norfolk, VA) - 11/18/2013
My host was awesome. Everything about our birthday party was perfect! I wouldn't change a thing.

Dawn Holder (Chesapeake , VA) - 11/18/2013
My son loves to bounce at Kangaroo Jac's!

Our party host, Korie, was attentive and helped keep the party running smoothly.

I liked not having to do most of the work during the party.

Kristi Fermil (Chesapeake, VA) - 11/18/2013
Kangaroo Jac's Bounce House is my daughter's favorite place.

Jamie Gaines (Portsmouth, VA) - 11/17/2013
I liked the fun factors such as the jumping houses.

Whitney Pendleton (Norfolk, VA) - 11/17/2013
The kids had a blast and had a lot of room to run and play.

Nice place! We will be coming back more often.

Sequoia Fajota (Virginia Beach, VA) - 11/17/2013
I liked the cleanliness of Kangaroo Jac's!

Lisa Temple (Chesapeake, VA) - 11/12/2013
Central location, friendly staff, and the children can have a great time without having to worry about tokens, or breaking items.

Kids can just have fun!!

Rachel was phenomenal!! I would advise all my friends to request her - - She was so friendly, attentive, and very polite. You can tell she loves her job!!

I gave my daughter 6 options of places to hold her party and she chose Kangaroo Jac's.

Our party hostess was wonderful. She was very patient, helpful, and kind to the children.

I love that the children are able to run and bounce in a safe environment!

Kristine Caswell (Virginia Beach, VA) - 11/11/2013
Convenience, no clean up, and the kid's love it.

Sharon Bley (Chesapeake, VA) - 11/10/2013
My daughter enjoys the place! It was easy to get to for everyone. The were willing to accommodate my daughters food allergies!!!!!

Everyone at the Chesapeake location was amazing from the first time we called to inquire to the end!!!!

Trisha Edwards (Virginia Beach , VA) - 11/10/2013
Kangaroo Jac's is better organized than other places.

Our hostess was great!

Everything was great!

The kids had fun.

Brianna, our party host, was exceptional.

Michelle Hansen (Chesapeake, VA) - 11/09/2013
I loved no clean up and I did not have to entertain the kids!

Melanie Snyder (Virginia Beach, VA) - 11/08/2013
My daughter loves bounce houses.

It was easier to have a party here rather than home.

I received great service from my party host, Brianna.

Janis Green (Suffolk, VA) - 11/07/2013
Tanner loves to come here so I figured it would be a great place to have his party: -

Our party host was awesome -- she greeted me with a smile and went over everything that was going to take place.

The kids really enjoyed themselves!

Ronald Bamberg (Norfolk, VA) - 11/07/2013
Our party host was Rachel and she was very nice and accommodating.

I would recommend a birthday party at Kangaroo Jac's.

Angela Fowler (Chesapeake, VA) - 11/06/2013
My daughter loves to bounce!

The kids had a blast! I like the addition of the line dances for the children to join in the fun. The staff was wonderful!

Sarah Hodge (Chesapeake, VA) - 11/05/2013
We had our birthday party at Kangaroo Jac's because I thought my 2 year old would be able to have fun in a non-restrictive environment. I also thought it would work for the older kids at the party too.

Everyone had such a good time, from young to old.

My hostess was Korie Mills and the manager was also on duty. Both were outstanding!! They were completely helpful from beginning to end.

I brought in a lot of my own decorations and they decorated everything beautifully. They were very attentive to everything we needed. I could not have asked for anyone better.

I have a 12 and 11 year old as well and I have never had a birthday party at the same place twice … but my experience with my hostess already convinced me to do Jonah's party at Kangaroo Jacs' again next year!

I also had friends at the party who went ahead and booked their son's party there as well next month! I have done many parties over the years and this was by far the best! Thanks ladies for the amazing experience!

Ashley Otto (Norfolk, VA) - 11/04/2013
My son enjoys going there!

Tim Sensel (Chesapeake, VA) - 11/03/2013
I liked the price, what all was included and actually coming in to see the facility. I was impressed with the cleaniness, the open area in the middle for the parents to sit and watch and my husband was happy with the sports on tv.

Brianna Huntley was our party hostess! We were greeted by her as soon as we walked through the door. She was very attentive but at the same time gave us space and allowed us time with our guests. She was very helpful and always seem to show up at the right time!!

I would ask for her again if we have a party there again!! She was very upbeat and always had a smile on her face!! I was also very pleased with the manager on duty - she was dressed as a clown - she stopped by and checked on us a couple times throughout the party!!! Very happy with how the whole party went. Thank you Brianna for helping make my sons day special!!

I loved the smile on my son's face watching him and his friends run from one bouncy to the next!!! He had an absolutely great time at his party!!

Briana Hall (Virginia Beach, VA) - 11/02/2013
Kangaroo Jac's has a nice big open space for the kids to play and enjoy

The party host (Rachel) was very attentive and friendly and the kids had a lot of fun playing.

She worked very hard and was very patient and friendly: -

Susie Bumann (Chesapeake, VA) - 10/30/2013
I saw the flier when we were playing there and thought it would be a good place for a party at a pretty good price.

I liked not having to set up tables, balloons and decorations.

Melanie Riggs (Moyock, NC) - 10/29/2013
Kangaroo Jac's is where my daughter wanted her party!

Our hostess did very well. She stayed visible and checked on us frequently.

Sarah Huggins (Virginia Beach, VA) - 10/29/2013
We chose Kangaroo Jac's because of the location, size and that my child loves bounce houses!

Rachel, our party host was awesome. She helped in any way she could and was very friendly, professional and efficient in her job. Also, I enjoyed not having to clean up afterwards and the kids had a great time.

She is an overall exceptional employee for your company. Because of her, I would recommend people to come to your business for a party. I was impressed by how much she did for the party and how friendly she was in the process.

We had a great time and our daughter had a fantastic birthday!

Leslie Hylton (Richmond, VA) - 10/28/2013
We had our party at Kangaroo Jac's to have a stress-free day and to let the kids run off their energy.

Rachel Edwards (Chesapeake, VA) - 10/28/2013
The kids always have fun, and come home TIRED!

I like that I have very little to actually do...the kids play and then eat and then it's done. I don't have to do any prep work, or clean up.

Crystal Barry (Norfolk, VA) - 10/27/2013
We had our birthday party at Kangaroo Jac's because the price was better than some others.

Our party was the BEST!

I would recommend a party at Kangaroo Jac's.

Schivon Norris (Virginia Beach, VA) - 10/23/2013
I was looking for something to keep the kids happy and to have loads of fun.

Brianna was a joy to work with. She was the best party host ever.

The kids had fun.

Courtney Epps (Norfolk , VA) - 10/21/2013
The kids are entertained, contained ... and you handle the mess!

The kids had fun!

Jamil Clifton (Portsmouth, VA) - 10/21/2013
Kangaroo Jac's is the biggest and cleanest bounce house!

I liked the entire atmosphere. Adults were able to play with kids and the staff played games with the kids.

Being able to come in and just let the kids play and not having to worry about their safety and not having to lift a finger for the party led to an exceptional experience.

Will definitely recommend you all to people.

Erin Smith (Norfolk, VA) - 10/21/2013
The kids had a lot of fun.

Our party host was fantastic!

Megan French (Virginia Beach, VA) - 10/20/2013
My son loves playing here. Also, we have had two parties here before for my older son who is now 9 years old.

I believe this is the best bounce house near us.

Renee Rogers (Portsmouth, VA) - 10/20/2013
I wanted to do something different for my granddaughter. She and her guests had a lot of fun.

Amy Rossin (Virginia Beach, VA) - 10/19/2013
I didn't have to do a lot of work. It was great being able to just sit back and enjoy!

Lisa was great with making my reservation and checking in with us the day of the party. Rachael was a wonderful and attentive party host!!!

Rachael Pobst (Moyock, NC) - 10/19/2013
I liked not having to clean up or serve the food/drinks.

The party was fun. Rachel kept me informed the entire time as to what was happening and what was coming up next.

Brenda Huiatt-Stewart (Chesapeake, VA) - 10/18/2013
Korie was our party attendant and really catered to our needs. She was a great help during our entire party from greeting us to sending us happily on our way.

Melissa Clapper (Virginia Beach, VA) - 10/17/2013
My son asked for a bounce house birthday party.

Our party coordinator was fantastic, very attentive, as was the gentleman working the front desk who checked guests in and offered to unload and pack my car for me. Both were extremely helpful and wonderful.

Allison Schick (Virginia Beach, VA) - 10/13/2013
I felt this facility is cleaner and nicer then the other bounce houses in the area!

You took the work out of it for me!

Megan Hudson (Virginia Beach, VA) - 10/12/2013
Great facility that is VERY clean!!! Very nice staff!

The kids love the place!

Inger Clerico (Chesapeake, VA) - 10/12/2013
My child requested to have her birthday party there.

I liked the friendliness of the staff and how organized the party was.

Summer was our host. She did an exceptional job.

Randy LeFebvre (Chesapeake, VA) - 10/07/2013
We came here because my son said "I want my party at Kangaroo Jac's!"

There was nothing for me to do but show up.

Thanks for a fun time!

Arnold Barco (Virginia Beach, VA) - 10/07/2013
Your store was he cleanest bounce house we have been too. The staff here were really friendly and always made sure that everything we need was taken care of.

The entire staff, they played games with the kids. And the parents could also join in on some of the games, which made everyone have a great time!

Shirleigh Wood (Portsmouth, VA) - 10/06/2013
The kids had fun.

Amna Alkassimi (Virginia Beach, VA) - 10/06/2013
Kangaroo Jac's is very clean and organized.

Ashley Shepperd (Virginia Beach, VA) - 10/05/2013
The kids never got bored and had a ball.

Channing Mayer (Virginia Beach, VA) - 09/23/2013
This was where my son chose to have his birthday party.

Everything about our party was the BEST!

Susanne Steffensen (Chesapeake, VA) - 09/22/2013
I liked the staff. I recommend Kangaroo Jac's for a birthday party.

Dominique Gill (Norfolk, VA) - 09/22/2013
Korie was our hostess she was great.

I liked not having to set up or clean up.

Shatia Arroyo (Virginia Beach, VA) - 09/17/2013
Kangaroo Jac's is a fun place for the kids.

Kimberly Bell (Chesapeake, VA) - 09/17/2013
Your employees were very nice and very attentive to our needs. The are exceptional employees!

LeAnn Simmons (Chesapeake, VA) - 09/08/2013
My son wanted to have his birthday party there.

For me as a parent, it was great to be able to relax during the party and have someone else run the show and clean up after.

Rachel Caviness did a fantastic job as a party host and I would ask for her again for our next party.

Hollie Berthiaume (Chesapeake, VA) - 09/08/2013
My son loves going in there to play.

I liked the fun atmosphere and there were inflatables and games for children of all ages in our party.

It was convenient, the kids all had a blast, and there was no clean up for us.

Kennedy was our host. She was attentive and even assisted me with unloading the vehicle. Great job!

Monique Brock (Virginia Beach, VA) - 09/02/2013
The kids really enjoy jumping on the inflatables!

Anne Lea (Norfolk, VA) - 08/31/2013
We had our party here because we have had great experiences at friends' birthday parties at Kangaroo Jac's!

I loved the friendly and very efficient and accommodating staff: -

Matthew Levinson (Virginia Beach, VA) - 08/27/2013
We wanted a fun and air conditioned placed for a birthday party.

It was well organized and the staff were very helpful in setting and taking down. They helped serve and even helped bring items to our car.

Rachel was very helpful. She was polite and patient and was the reason the party was so successful.

Everyone had a great time ... great experience.

Chris Babb (Chesapeake, VA) - 08/25/2013
We had our birthday party here because Kangaroo Jac's seemed like a fun place for kids.

That the staff took care of everything for us.

Everyone did a great job ... but our party attendant was amazing! I believe her name was Brianna.

We will definately be back!

Michelle Smith (Chesapeake, VA) - 08/24/2013
My children love it!

Nicole McCulloch (Moyock, NC) - 08/23/2013
Jackson loves coming here. The price was great and the I love the fact that everything was provided and there was no clean up.

Melanie Lemus (Virginia Beach, VA) - 08/21/2013
I liked that the children were having a blast and not destroying MY house!

Summer was awesome. She went above and beyond and really made it easy for me to enjoy the party.

Tamara Johnson (Chesapeake, VA) - 08/19/2013
I choose Kangaroo Jacs because it was the most affordable bounce house and they offered the most with the price.

I liked the number of inflatables and the cleanliness of the store.

The entire staff was terrific and very accommodating, especially our party host Rachel.

Tori Gendron (Chesapeake, VA) - 08/19/2013
It's a fun place for children to play.

Rachel Caviness did a great job hosting our party. She was very customer service oriented and made sure everyone had a great time.

All of the children had a great time.

Kathleen Levingston (Chesapeake, VA) - 08/18/2013
Korrie Mills was very professional. She explained everything to us and was a wonderful host for the party!

It is great to see all of the extra staff that has been hired. Everyone was nice and friendly. The atmosphere is much cleaner than the previous times we have been there since the new management has taken over.

Cherie Duda (Chesapeake, VA) - 08/13/2013
Kangaroo Jac's is a great place to entertain young children.

Emily Briscoe (Virginia Beach, VA) - 08/12/2013
I have never had a party at a bounce house before and I read great reviews about Kangaroo Jac's...

The packages were great. Other bounce houses do not offer a free pass to the party goers.

Kennedy was our hostess and she was very attentive not only to the birthday boy, but the entire party crowd. She did a great job!

Turi Moore (Virginia Beach, VA) - 08/12/2013
My children played there when they were young. So I thought it would be a great place to have my God Daughter's party being that they loved playing there.

My kids played there years ago and they loved the party...

Ally Sullivan (Virginia Beach, VA) - 08/12/2013
Bouncing is my daughter's favorite indoor activity and I wanted her party to be as easy as possible.

I liked how easy it was to schedule and no work on my part : -

Kristin Chatfield (Norfolk, VA) - 08/06/2013
Kangagroo Jac's offered more for the money that we are spending on a party than at other facilities. The price was the same but we got more.

The staff was very friendly and helpful!

Megan Capps (Chesapeake , VA) - 08/05/2013
I have had my son's birthday for the last 3 years at this location.

My son and his friends enjoyed themselves.

Amy Atchison (Virginia Beach, VA) - 08/04/2013
The kids always have a great time jumping on the equipment. Staff is supper friendly and courteous.

Price is very reasonable.

All the work was done. We had a large group and the staff did the complete set up and clean up. This made it easier for our teachers as we could focus more on watching the children.

Tiandra Moore (Norfolk, VA) - 08/04/2013
I love the bounce houses. The kids had a ball.

Clare Kincaid (Chesapeake, VA) - 08/03/2013
The party was very easy!

My son and his friends had a good time.

Jennifer Salinas (Chesapeake, VA) - 08/01/2013
It was a blast!

James Carter (Chesapeake, VA) - 07/29/2013
It's a perfect place for 2-7 year olds.

I loved the staff!

Jennifer Vigil (Chesapeake, VA) - 07/28/2013
We have planned birthdays in the past at Kangaroo Jacs and my kids love it!

Our Coordinator was excellent and provided a stress free birthday party for our 5 year old daughter!

Christen Lee (Virginia Beach, VA) - 07/25/2013
We had a party there 5 years ago, and they kids really enjoyed themselves. So we had another one.

The party kind of runs itself. The flexibility is nice as well. The party coordinator allowed the children to decide when they ate and if they wanted to go bounce they could.

Our party host was very friendly and eager to help.

Renee Mitchell (Carrollton, VA) - 07/24/2013
There is built-in fun because of the inflatables. Everything is taken care of. Very helpful staff and party host, David.

Thanks for remodeling the place. Families need fun, clean environments on sunny days.

My son wanted a party at a bounce house ... this one is one of the biggest ones in the area.

It was care free. Everything was set up and I got to enjoy the guests and kids.

Christopher Bonine (Chesapeake, VA) - 07/22/2013
I liked not having to worry about anything and just have fun with my birthday girl.

Marshall Handy (Virginia Beach, VA) - 07/17/2013
Our son really wanted to have his party there, and we did not want to have any cleanup.

It is about as cost-effective as having a party at the house, buying all the food and supplies, but with no cleanup.

The kids had a great time and we did not have to clean up.

Scott Hurst (Chesapeake, VA) - 07/14/2013
My son has a blast every time we go to JACS . Having a place to go in July for a birthday party that's indoors is great as the summer weather is so unpredictable!

Your staff is always polite as they can be and the kids have lots of fun!! I would also like to give special thanks to Antonio and Rachel for all their help!!

Tiffany Sturcken (Virginia Beach, VA) - 07/13/2013
Our party hostess was great.

I liked the very little work I had to do!

Ed Trotter (Norfolk, VA) - 07/09/2013
The children thought it would be a great place.

The staff was great.

Warren Holbert (Chesapeake, VA) - 07/08/2013
we had our party at Kangaroo Jac's to keep all the kids busy.

I liked that the party was not at my house!

Anecia Allen (Baltimore, MD) - 07/07/2013
Earl, our party host, was great!

Angela Fowler (Chesapeake, VA) - 07/01/2013
My son chose Kangaroo Jac's for his party!

The kids had fun!

Shanti Hines (Newport News, VA) - 07/01/2013
My party hostess was great.

Sonia Jaiswal (Virginia Beach, VA) - 06/30/2013
Kangaroo Jac's is huge and the cleanest bounce house in Hampton Roads.

Everthing was excellent from the start to finish. Kids had a blast and parents were happy to see how huge the facility was.

Milena Valdespou (Chesapeake, VA) - 06/24/2013
Kangaroo Jac's was clean, friendly and fun!

From the party host to the cashier, everyone was professional and courteous.

THANK YOU for helping make this a great 6th birthday for CJ.

Lovelyn San Diego (Virginia Beach, VA) - 06/23/2013
We had our party at Kangaroo Jac's because I heard it was the largest and cleanest of all bounce houses.

Our party hostess, Brianna, was very helpful and friendly.

Kim Wolz (Chesapeake, VA) - 06/23/2013
We had our birthday party here because he loves bounce houses and we live in Chesapeake.

I liked that all the bounces were all right next to each other in the same room.

Kristy Lewis (Portsmouth, VA) - 06/22/2013
Our birthday party at Kangaroo Jac's was very good.

Tricia Lieurance (Virginia Beach, VA) - 06/22/2013
We came back to Kangaroo Jac's for another birthday because we had a party there previously.

The kids had a blast - I didn't have to worry about clean up, etc.

Our party host, Brianna was great. Very friendly!

Cindy Rebman (Virginia Beach, VA) - 06/22/2013
We had another party there because we have had other bithday parties there. The convenience is great and the kids love it.

David Cotterell (Chesapeake, VA) - 06/21/2013
I would recommend Kangaroo Jac's for a birthday party celebration.

Tracy Thompson (Chesapeake, VA) - 06/20/2013
Rachel was an awesome party host!! She was very knowledgeable of her product, presentation was great and did a great job in making sure we had everything we needed.

The kids had fun.

AllaDeadwyler (Virginia Beach, VA) - 06/20/2013
My son saw this place and went online to research all it had to offer. After dropping in, my son was certain his son would enjoy it.

The hostess was excellent!! She was efficent and extremely friendly.

Tracy Davis (Chesapeake , VA) - 06/17/2013
We had another party here because we had a previous good experience with my son's birthday party.

David was very attentive making sure we had everything we needed at all times. He was awesome!

Alicia Mota (Norfolk, VA) - 06/17/2013
There are other options for bounce houses in the tidewater area, but Kangaroo Jac's was the cleanest, newest looking bounce house buisness in the area with the largest amount of bouncy houses to choose from.

Our party was extremely easy and the kids had a blast!

Rachel did a great job hosting our party. Thank you!!!

Rachael Brock (Chesapeake, VA) - 06/16/2013
I would recommend Kangaroo Jac's for a birthday party.

We just moved from Germany one month ago. Our daughter should have a great birthday party, that's why we chose Kangaroo Jacs for celebrating her birthday! :- -

Everything was very good. I loved the FUN FACTOR for the kids!

Ashley Burcroff (Great Bridge, VA) - 06/12/2013
I'm always impressed with the staff here. They always are friendly and keep the children entertained.

Amanda Awtry (Chesapeake, VA) - 06/09/2013
We had our birthday party at Kangaroo Jac's because my daughter enjoys that she can run around in a secure location and bounce as much as she wants, no waiting in line.

I liked letting the kids loose to enjoy themselves on the inflatables, and the party coordinators, because they allow the parents to spend more time with the guests and their child - bouncing, pictures, greeting new arrivals - .

My husband is deployed for 9 months and I couldn't have done it without our hostess - I have 2 toddlers to keep up with - .

Gerell, it seemed like every time I called with a question or change he was on the phone friendly as ever and very accommodating. Brianna, our coordinator, she was a sweetheart and very helpful and even offered some helpful suggestions. Thanks guys!

Thanks for an amazing third birthday for my daughter. We'll be back to bounce soon! Oh almost forgot, I LOVE that I am able to bounce with my 3 and 1 yearr old. It makes them feel so much better to have Mom by their side.

April Schmid (Chesapeake, VA) - 06/09/2013
My son enjoyed the bounce houses and wanted to have his party there.

The kids enjoyed playing so much...

I would recommend Kangaroo Jac's for a birthday party.

Sara Thompson (Chesapeake, VA) - 06/09/2013
Megan, my party host, was very helpful and informative.

I would recommend Kangaroo Jac's to my friends.

Denise Bettis (Chesapeake, VA) - 06/08/2013
There was no set up or clean up on our part. And, we could let the kids run and play without worry.

Brianna, our party host, was fantastic. Very attentitive and did everything to accommodate us...

Erica Huff (Hampton, VA) - 06/04/2013
Kangaroo Jac's looks fun and safe ... and they handle the party planning themselves!

I like that the facility is child-friendly but they also have an adult section.

Melissa Stanton (Virginia Beach, VA) - 06/03/2013
We had our party at Kangaroo Jac's because it is close to kids school, clean, and a good price.

Helen Hsu (Chesapeake, VA) - 06/03/2013
Kangaroo Jac's is a good place for young kids to run ... especially boys.

I liked not having the set up or clean up.

Samantha Phillips (Chesapeake, VA) - 06/02/2013
I am 9 months pregnant but wanted my daughter to have a great party that was stress free for me.

I liked that everything was taken care of for us - the kids had a great time and our planner was very attentive.

Our party planner (I think his name was David) was awesome! He was soo nice and helpful and made sure to pay attention to our daughter! Antonio was also very helpful!

Cara Varela (Virginia Beach, VA) - 06/02/2013
We had our birthday party at Kangaroo Jac's because it was a great deal. I wasn't planning on having a party for my son but the deal I saw was too good to pass up.

I loved the party coordinator, she was a great help and took so much of the work away from me! She was excellent. Very friendly, and a fantastic help.

Temeka Cannon (Chesapeake, VA) - 06/01/2013
I love the free reign of fun for kids

Chemmonia MacArthur (Norfolk, VA) - 05/29/2013
My daughter wanted party at this location.

I appreciated the organization and niceness of the staff.

Lauren Perry (Virginia Beach, VA) - 05/28/2013
The price was reasonable, and I liked the all inclusive party features with a party planner.

It was super simple for everyone checking in, to put everything up, that the kids got to play without being coordinated, and then sit and eat, open presents and go home for a nap : -

Everyone was super nice and helpful!

Damita Owens (Elizabeth City, NC) - 05/25/2013
We had our party at Kangaroo Jac's for convenience and affordability.

I would recommend Kangaroo Jac's for a birthday party.

Lakia Cuffee (Suffolk, VA) - 05/23/2013
I liked the convenience of having our birthday party at Kangaroo Jac's.

Your employee, Elizabeth, was exceptional!

Amy Smith (Chesapeake, VA) - 05/21/2013
Our party at Kangaroo Jac's was fun for the kids!

Kriste Lafleur (Chesapeake, VA) - 05/20/2013
Kangaroo Jac's is a fun place for kids!

Margaret Stolp (Norfolk, VA) - 05/20/2013
Our party was very good.

Kathleen Jerome (Chesapeake, VA) - 05/20/2013
A Kangaroo Jac's party is easy, convenient, and age-appropriate.

Our party host, Kori, was super friendly and nice.

Eric Wesley (Virginia Beach, VA) - 05/20/2013
Our child requested to have her party there.

Morgan and her friends enjoyed all the bounce houses. I liked having the hostess serve the kids the pizza and cake so I could entertain parents and take pictures,etc.

Antwoin McNair (Chesapeake, VA) - 05/19/2013
I chosed Kangaroo Jac's because my daughter was turning seven. I wanted it be an exciting moment with her freiends and family.

I liked the variety of inflatables.

Thurraya Kent (Norfolk, VA) - 05/18/2013
I liked the convenience- everything in one place - food and fun!

Our party host, Rachel, was really good. The other staff was also attentive and courteous. Opening doors without being asked, helping us carry out gifts, greeting guests, etc.

Ashley Rawls (Norfolk, VA) - 05/17/2013
The staff was great, especially our party host! Rachel Rigsby did an outstanding tending to our party and guests. She was very friendly!

Seiko Syvertsen (Chesapeake, VA) - 05/15/2013
A birthday party at Kangaroo Jac's is easy for all parents!

Charlene Banks (Chesapeake, VA) - 05/12/2013
We had another birthday party here because my child enjoyed his last party here.

I liked that the kids had fun bouncing and eating and interacting with other kids!

Our party host did an excellent job. I really appreciate it.

Thank you very much for giving my boys the time of their life.

Shila Treadwell (Chesapeake, VA) - 05/11/2013
I would recommend Kangaroo Jac's for a birthday party.

Jessica Reynolds (Virginia Beach, VA) - 05/06/2013
I chose Kangaroo Jac's for his party because I had my other son's party in there in October.

I like the no-hassle planning.

Kennedy was an awesome host.

Laura Stevenson (Chesapeake, VA) - 05/06/2013
My daughter said that this was what she wanted for her birthday.

I liked that I didn't have to clean my house and the kids had fun.

Denise Bettis - 05/06/2013
I just wanted to send a note saying how much we enjoyed our party on May 3rd!! The staff was wonderful and our kids had a blast.

This was our first party at your facility and we can't wait for the next one, which is already scheduled for my son on June 7th!! You guys did absolutely fantastic and I really appreciated the kindness shown to me, my family and our guests.

Thank you to your staff, Summer, Brianna, Rachel R. and Rachel C. Fantastic job!!

We love how nice the facility is starting to look!! Wonderful changes. Thanks again! Denise Bettis

Diane Bailey (Virginia Beach, VA) - 05/05/2013
We had our party at Kangaroo Jac's because I like it better than any other bounce house we have been to.

I liked that it made party planning and a party easy and very fun. I think it is the best way to have a birthday party for 4 year olds

Rachael was our host and she was outstanding.

Amy Cyr (Sunbury, NC) - 05/05/2013
I would recommend Kangaroo Jac's to my friends.

Kimberly Esposito (Chesapeake, VA) - 05/05/2013
My child suggested a party at Kangaroo Jac's.

My party assistant, Rachel, took care of everything.

Suzanne Waxman (Chesapeake, VA) - 05/04/2013
Both of our boys love it and it is something that most kids love to do. Plus, they are busy/occupied the whole time, so there is no boredom.

Rachel was very attentive and flexible with our requests. I would recommend a Kangaroo Jac's party to our friends.

Andrea Schuler (Chesapeake, VA) - 05/02/2013
We had a fantastic host and it was fabulous that I had so little planning to do. The kids were well entertained, our host took care of food and cake service so that my husband and I could just enjoy the party.

Tony was definitely exceptional! He was fantastic with the kids and a hit with the adults.

Thank you Tony!

Stephen Stutzman (Chesapeake, VA) - 05/01/2013
We had our birthday party at Kangaroo Jac's because of the good things I've heard.

I like the flexibility with the room and play area ... and the friendliness of staff/hostess.

It's a good value...

Pat Myers (Virginia Beach, VA) - 04/30/2013
Kangaroo Jac's is a good place no matter what the weather. Kids love it!

Jacqui Miller (Virginia Beach, VA) - 04/29/2013
Out of all the bounce houses in the area, this one is the cleanest and definitely the biggest : -

I liked the fact there is a host and they will pass out pizza and cake so it's not stressful for the parents : -

Rachel really was wonderful ! She helped so much and was so happy and polite. If someone spilled juice or soda, she wouldn't let them clean it up, she would go over and clean it herself. Had a great party! Thanks.

Emily Sutton (Chesapeake, VA) - 04/28/2013
I liked being able to relax and let someone else do all the work and clean up! :- -

Our party coordinator was very nice and attentive.

The best and cleanest inflatable playground place that ive been to and ive been to many. Good job!

Misty Jones (Chesapeake, VA) - 04/23/2013
Our party host, Kennedy, was great and was on top of everything and on hand for all questions.

Talithia Melton (Chesapeake, VA) - 04/21/2013
Y'all had a very good special going on in my price range.

I liked everything about our birthday party.

Danielle Bukovinsky (Norfolk, VA) - 04/21/2013
Kangaroo Jac's is a fun place that my son and his friends like going to on the weekends.

I like not having to do anything but watch the kids have fun.

Shelva Myers (Elizabeth City, NC) - 04/21/2013
My child wanted his party there.

The place is spacious and the kids all had a great time.

ALL the employees were awesome!

Debbie Durig (Chesapeake, VA) - 04/17/2013
The boys had so much fun at our birthday party!

Kimberly Tunstall (Virginia Beach, VA) - 04/16/2013
I would recommend a Kangaroo Jac's party to my friends.

Tamora Barnett (Grandy, NC) - 04/14/2013
We had our party here because our son liked it from a previous party he attended.

I liked the fact that the mess and set up was taken care of for me.

Brenda G. - 04/02/2013
Our four youngsters absolutely love this place! It's huge! And I like the wifi and TVs in the play area.

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